Milk Chocolate Goodness And A Bite Of Fried Pasta

World of Beer has many things to offer with a wide range of different flavors and styles of beers as well as unique and intriguing kinds of food. To end the day on a good note I decided to correlate my beer of choice with the weather at hand; that is cloudy and a bit on the chilly side. A darker brew tends to gel well with the cooler, winter evening temperatures and brings about a warming, and rather calming sensation during these times.

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My dark friend this evening was Sweetwater Brewing’s Hatchery Series #4: A rich, delicious milk chocolate stout that stood at 5.4% ABV and provided aromas of roasted coffee with a swirl of chocolate goodness and hints of caramel and nuts. Each sip was an euphoria of dark chocolate flavors and deep toasted notes with a slight lingering sweet bitterness that was both refreshing and calming.

To really dice things up a bit I went with an odd choice of pairing style as I decided to get rich, fried up pasta balls to help contrast the dark knight in hand. This pairing ended up working well as it provided a flavorful combination that contrast in sweetness, but enhanced in richness.

There was also a great mix up in boldness as both presented the characteristic, but in different manners. One was a lighter sided, bold cheesy goodness while the other provided a darker, deeper sensation of boldness that, when put together, enhanced the overall experience and made for a relaxing and enjoyable finish. Cheers and God bless!

-Michael Thacker



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