Los Angeles Ale Works

This past September I had the privilege to visit the famed Los Angeles Ale Works, a cool brewery in the heart of Los Angeles, California while out on a business trip. Providing a nice modern feel, and yet cozy enough to relax as I sipped away on a few different styles of brews they offered. I personally chose their amber ale and pale ale as well as a couple others that I have forgotten to time itself (and possibly age?).


IMG_3814 (1)

Shiny brew kettles, bright tanks and other necessary brewing equipment stood, hard at work I might add, next to the tap room for all eyes to admire. They offered a few snacks to munch on to compliment the brews of choice as well as had live sports playing and some 80’s style music playing in the background.

This brewery was poppin even during the week night with many locals and out of towners (which was my co-worker and myself at the time). If you are ever in the area make sure to pay these guys a visit and drink yourself some of Los Angeles own and enjoy the commodity while the evening last (and before the LA gangsters and police begin to really come out). Cheers and God bless!

-Michael Thacker

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