Martin House Brewing Company Celebrating 5 Years Of Delicious Success

It’s amazing how fast time fly’s when you are having fun, and for the crew at Martin House, fun indeed. Five years have come and gone with nothing but steady growth and continuous production of both original and new brews each passing year. Just like a parent watching eagerly as their child grows and develops over the years, so has the crew at Martin House watched their brewery grow and develop over the years into a mature and very popular brewery among the ever expanding craft beer scene in Fort Worth and the surrounding metroplex area.


This year’s celebration is intended to be epic with over 40 different brews being provided and many of them being limited release and barrel aged including Acheron, Cheer Wine, Counter Clockwise Swirl, Jameson Barrel Aged Bockslider and Pretzel Stout, Old Mose, Scotch Barrel Aged Cuvee Pumpkin Latte and Salty Lady, Tequila Barrel Aged Acheron, and True Love, Yakima Valley Apple, Friday IPA, Imperial Texan, Gateway Blonde and many more.

Tickets are on sale online for $20 and include a custom 5 year anniversary 9oz tulip glass, but hurry as there are only 500 available. The online purchase also gets you eight 8oz pours of your choice. If you decide to wait to purchase your tickets at the event like a dummy, you will then receive a Martin House pint glass and eight half pours (8oz) of your choice. You can also change it up and get four 16oz pours of their year round brews, either way you will receive 64oz total of fantastic brews and have fun while enjoying them!

There will also be live music by The Roomsounds and Sam Anderson of The Quaker City Night Hawks as well as good grub to munch on provided by local food trucks; Heim Barbecue and Catering, LUCK at Trinity Grove, and Rollin-Stone Food Truck.

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The event is to take place (obviously) at the Martin House Brewery at 220 S. Sylvania Ave, Fort Worth, Texas 76111 on March 24th, 2018 starting at noon and running till 5pm. The event is kid and dog friendly, but please put shock collars on your kids….just kidding, but really do keep your kids and dogs somewhat under control! Doors close at 4:30pm and everyone will be ran out at 5pm, so you have been forewarned. Hope to see you there! Cheers and God bless!

-Michael Thacker

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