Samuel Smiths Brewery’s Organic Chocolate Stout Review and Pairing

Samuel Smiths Brewery’s delightfully rich and robust Organic Chocolate Stout is a desert beer must have. Aromas of rich dark chocolate and roasted espresso beans with hints of bananas and cream pie. Sipping away to flavors of roasted coffee followed closely by deep creamy chocolate sweetness and a slight smoky, smooth, and yet crisp finish.

This full bodied brew is perfect for after dinner sweets treats like a chocolate mousse cake which would be a complementing pair that would over stimulate on the chocolate side for extreme chocolate lovers. On the other side a good contrasting pairing option would be carrot cake as they would bring out different qualities that would overall compliment and enhance, and yet would balance with the complimenting richness in both the dish and brew. Enjoy and cheers!

-Michael Thacker

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