Shannon Brewing Company Helping Beer Lovers Really Celebrate American Craft Beer Week With Rare Releases

American Craft Beer Week is set to take place next week starting Wednesday, May 16th and run till Sunday the 20th. The week event is a nationwide celebration as well as recognition of the craft beer industry as a whole. To help those looking for creative ways to celebrate American Craft Beer Week, Shannon Brewing has a creative solution with each day of the week presenting a rare release from the brewery.

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For the first day, Wednesday, May 16th, Shannon and the crew our set to release their famous spiced up Habanero IPA followed by their citrusy favorite Grapefruit IPA on Thursday, and then their intriguing new release “Purple Punch” Glitter Kristallweizen on Friday. The weekend will begin with a delicious Rum Barrel Aged Chocolate Stout on Saturday followed with a finishing off of all the releases set to take place on Sunday the 20th.

Shannon Brewing specializes in Irish and English style brews that are filtered in a uniquely natural way. They have been around for almost four years now and are located just north of Fort Worth, Texas in a town called Keller. Cheers and God bless!

-Michael Thacker

Brew Your Own Special Release

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