The City Of Fort Worth Is A Hidden Gem Within The Craft Beer Industry

Since the 1980’s craft beer has seen a steady growth throughout the United States that in recent years has made a drastic climb upward with a staggering 6,000 breweries currently in operation, and the number is growing. With the city of Dallas casting a bit of a shadow on Fort Worth with it’s greater size in population and area, still though, Fort Worth is like a hidden gem beginning to climb out of the shadow and present itself as a big player, especially in the craft beer industry.

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Presenting big names like Rahr and Sons Brewing, Martin House Brewing and Collective Brewing Project to name a few that provide popular beers throughout the great state of Texas and surrounding regions, putting Fort Worth’s name out there in a big way. Brewing up quality beer out of over 10 different breweries throughout the Fort Worth and surrounding area with several more making their way onto the soon over the coming year or so. Added with this number are the numerous pubs and craft beer bars that have popped up over the area with many more in the works.

Most of this growth has occurred just within the past few years with people really becoming more interested in craft beer while leaving behind the more popular, and yet flavorless Millers, Coors and the rest of the clan that have been such a trademark of beer consumption in the Fort Worth area. Fort Worth has made great strides within the craft beer industry that 7 of the breweries are within a 3-square-mile area of each other.

The breweries themselves too, are by no means content with their stance within the craft beer scene and are pushing the limits by expanding their craft beer lines with the introduction of various styles and flavors as well as barrel-aged brews being added into several of them. They are going the distance with community by holding several events each month like run races, charities, yoga groups and more.

Craft beer has become so popular in Fort Worth that the majority of places that serve beer provide a few local brews, either on tap or in bottles and cans. It seems that no matter where you go you will be faced with some delicious and enticing craft beer that was brewed up right in the heart of Fort Worth itself. With many eyes set on Dallas for craft beer travels, Fort Worth is a rising star and a sure sight to see when it comes to quality craft brews and views. Next time you book your craft beer trip make sure to add Fort Worth as your destination, and I promise you won’t be disappointed. Cheers and God bless!

-Michael Thacker

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