Armadillo Ale Works Celebrating Big In Denton, Texas With A Double Weekend Grand Opening Blowout

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They say that hard work pays off with patience and perseverance, and this could be no truer of a statement for Armadillo Ale Works in Denton, Texas. After many years of hard work and patience the brewery is now ready to go big with a two weekend grand opening event (And yes, I said that right, two weekends!). So, if you happen to miss out this weekend, no need to fear, there is another opportunity to celebrate with these guys next weekend as well. And don’t think since it is a two weekend event that they are going easy, by no means, the event is jammed packed with good beer, mouthwatering food, live music and great people.

Each weekend is a three day blowout starting Friday through Sunday filled to the max with food trucks supplying some of the best grub in town and live local bands entertaining while you sip away some of Armadillo Ale Works finest brews. The event will start at 2 pm, Friday, June 1st and run into the night each night and finish off Sunday, June 3rd around 8 pm. Next weekend will follow the same order with the event kicking off Friday, June 8th at 2 pm and run through the weekend and end Sunday, June 10th at 8 pm.

Here is the full scope of the first weekend:

  • Friday, June 1st-

Food Trucks (Der Sausage-fest, Fried Ribs and More)

Live Bands (Ella Minnow-9 pm, J Allert-10 pm)

  • Saturday, June 2nd-

Food Trucks (The Saucy Hibachi, Der Sausage-fest)

Live Bands ( Issac Hoskins and The Glass Mountain Orchestra-6 pm)

  • Sunday, June 3rd-

Food Trucks (Der Sausage-fest)

Live Bands (TBD)

Second weekend:

  • Friday, June 8th- 

Food Trucks (Der Sausage-fest, Leila’s Food Truck)

Live Bands (TBD)

  • Saturday, June 9th-

Food Trucks (Cheat Day Cheesecakes; Der Sausage-fest; Prime From Scratch; The Famous Dumpling Bros Food Truck)

Live Bands (Levi Cobb & The Big Smoke-3pm; Am Ramblers-5pm)

  • Sunday, June 10th-

Food Trucks (Der Sausage-fes; The Famous Dumpling Bros Food Truck)

Live Bands (TBD)

Tons of fun and plenty of beer to go around for everyone for the entire two weekend blowout. The list will be updated on Facebook as the event nears to keep up to date with bands and food trucks that might be added to fun. There will also be live screen T-shirt printing done up by Pan Ector Industries both weekends for purchase. You can pre-order T-shirts, koozies and a beer for $20 here: Armadillo Ale Works Goodies. The brewery and event is located at 221 S. Bell Ave, Denton, Texas 76201. Get your tickets now and get ready for some unreal fun with two weekends of celebrating another awesome brewery opening up in North Texas! Cheers and God bless!

-Michael Thacker

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