Martin House Brewing Partners Up With The Toadies For Their New Release, Possum Kingdom Pilsner

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Martin House Brewing has partnered up with The Toadies to brew up their new Possum Kingdom Pilsner just in time to cool you off during these sweltering hot Texas days. Hunkering low on the ABV scale at only 4% with a unofficial guarantee to keep you cool as you plow through a 6 pack of these easy drinking lagers. Light hued lager is brewed up with Czech Saaz hops and pilsner malts to give you a nice smooth flavor with a slight bite at the tail end that is crisp and refreshing.

Possum Kingdom Pilsner is set to be delivered to your nearest beer store and bottle shop throughout the next couple of days, but will be a limited release and means you need to act fast before they are gobbled up by the other craft beer crazed folks. This brew will also be available for a limited time at the Martin House Brewery located at 220 Sylvania Ave #209, Fort Worth, Texas 76111. Grab you a six pack today and enjoy these hot days while they last. Cheers!

-Michael Thacker

Craft Beer Essentials

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