Upcoming New England Brewfest Providing Quality Craft Brews, Live Music And Views June 23rd

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Summertime is a time of gathering with friends and family for fun times in the sun while grasping a cool beer that turns away the heat and enhances the fellowship. This type of ideal moment is elevated when live music, fine food, and loads of different styles and flavors of some of the best brews around are at our disposal. Although this description seems best fitted within an expensive vacation off onto an island, somewhere far, far away; it is an actual real event set to happen on June 23rd and that happens every year, for the past 14 years, right in Lincoln-Woodstock, New Hampshire called the “New England Brewfest”.

With over 12 different breweries attending, providing some of their finest brews with rare releases and classics set to be present, giving attendees a wide range of brews to choose from and savor. Some names set to be there include Samuel Adams, One Love Brewery, Backyard Brewery, The Traveler Beer Company, The Woodstock Inn Brewery and more. One of the most alluring parts of this event is that you will be able to sip unique brews while gazing at the spectacular view of the White Mountains of New Hampshire including the Loon Mountain.

The Jonathan Sarty Band will be headlining the event while different food vendors will be providing delicious grub for those evening time “beer munchies”. The event is set to start at 3 pm for VIP ticket holders and 4 pm for general admission. VIP tickets are $70 and gets you early access to the event along with an event T-shirt, sampling glass to taste all available beers. General admission is $45 and gets you access to the event along with a sampling glass to taste all available beer.

-Michael Thacker

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