Ten Really Cool Craft Beer Gift Ideas For Father’s Day

With Father’s Day right around the corner and the lack of creative thought put into many of the typical Father’s Day gifts including the lame tie you got him last year or the “Worlds Greatest Dad” coffee cup. It is time to really dig deep and impress the old man with a gift they will remember as well as use over and over again which in turn keeps reminding them why you are the favorite child. If your dad is a craft beer lover like many of the dads out there, then these gift ideas should be the ticket to the “golden child” status (And if your dad doesn’t like craft beer or doesn’t drink at all, then I’m not sure why you even clicked on to this blog, but good luck anyways!).

Craft Beer Gift Ideas:

Beer Tasting Set: $24.95

An awesome addition to any craft beer lovers out there, this kit includes four 5 oz snifter glasses with a tasting journal with tips and info on craft beer. If there was anything a craft beer guy needs in his collection is definitely a set of tasting glasses to really enhance the beer tasting sessions.

Complete Beer Tasting Party Kit: $114.99

To really up the game on gifts this one will get the job done. This complete kit is not just a tasting kit for pops, but a whole party kit for him and his buddies. Most people like to taste different brews while chatting it up with their long time buddies, so why not get him what he really wants and watch his face light up like a kid on Christmas?

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Beer Tasting Book: $13.56

Written by the craft beer jedi master Randy Mosher, this book is ideal for really helping dad elevate his beer tasting knowledge to help impress his buddies while they taste their new local selections. This book is a craft beer lover must have to help really understand the ins and outs of, not only tasting beer, but understanding the variety of styles and flavors like an expert.

Craft Beer Cap Collector: $71.86

Every craft beer lover enjoys collecting either bottles or caps to help remind them (Usually because of tasting a few too many) of the beers they drank in times past. This cap collector is a great gift for dad’s “man cave” wall where it can be filled up with pride and occasional headaches.

Beer Thirty Bottle Opener: $10.01

To help good ol’ father open the crafty brews a bottle opener is key. This cool looking bottle opener can be set up right next to his bottle cap collector on the “man cave” wall with caps coming off and being placed directly in the collector in a stylish fashion (Till he has had too many then hit and miss) and another legit way of impressing his buddies.

Spiegelau Beer Tasting Glasses: $25.59

These fancy looking glasses are ideal for good beer tasting and unlike the beer tasting kit up top, these bad boys are regular size ready for a full pour of your father’s favorite beer. Legit glasses such as these are sure to brighten up his day and once again impress his fellow craft beer drinking buddies.

Craft Beer Club Gift: $42

With beer glasses comes the great need to fill them with good quality brews and the Craft Beer Club offers just that. This site is really cool as you can buy your old man a subscription and they will send him a 12 pack each month filled with beers from different independently owned craft breweries that will help him expand his craft beer travels from the comfort of the “man cave” and earn you a few brownie points.

Craft Beer Guide Book: $12.89

While spending down time in his cave and sipping on his favorite brew, this book is a great gift to help expand his bucket list and further plan his retirement craft beer road trip that your mom is probably all that not excited about. This book goes through some of the coolest breweries throughout the country and is like porn for beer nerds.

1001 Beers To Try Book: $26.11

To add on to the previous book listed this book is another ideal read for dad bucket list. This book features a colossal list of some of the best brews, not only from within the United States, but throughout the world. It is sure to help expand dad’s craft beer road trip that much more and make your mom exceptional happy with you.

Northern Brewers Amber Beer Brewing Kit: $109.98

Entering in last, but definitely not least is the Northern Brewer Homebrewing Kit. This little kit is a guarantee golden child status clincher as it is like a toy set for dad and brings out the inner child within him. Northern Brewer is one of the most well respected homebrewing suppliers and comes with instructions to help him reach the best homebrewer status among his buddies. He can also use it over and over as he only needs to buy more ingredients to brew another batch.

-Michael Thacker

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