Martin House Brewing Set To Release Their New Magnolia Malt Liquor This Month

Nothing strikes a craft beer enthusiast ears wrong than the words, “Malt Liquor.” The idea of throwing back a “40” of the cheap, malt-molasses rich, gag-like flavors of some malt liquor at the store with a clown on the front is almost a sin. But Martin House Brewing has set out to change this view with their new Magnolia Malt Liquor that is sure to change the meaning completely, at least in craft beer terms as the corner store kind is still a no-no.

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Going from a huge gag-like flavor to a full on caramel, malty character with a touch of sweetness and an overall smooth profile that will have you thinking that it had to be a dream, but it’s not. Not only does it come packed with delightful flavors, but it also stands tall in ABV with a hefty 8.7% and with four of them to consume, it could start sweet and later have you wondering what the heck you were drinking again.


This uniquely craft brew is set to be released this week with a launch/trivia party set to happen at the Martin House Brewery located at 220 S. Sylvania Ave #209, Fort Worth, Texas 76111. The event is set to happen Thursday, June 7th starting at 6 pm and running till 10 pm. You can purchase wrist band at the brewery for $10 that gets you 3 pours. The crafted malt liquor will arrive at a store near you within the coming weeks. Cheers!

-Michael Thacker

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