10 Microbreweries To Visit This Summer 2018

Summer’s always mean vacation time and what way to spend that vacation than at an intriguing microbrewery? Most people swarm to the larger operated breweries when taking trips while leaving out the smaller operations in hopes to check off the more popular guys for social media photos and bragging rights, but is this really the way to go? Microbreweries are spread throughout the country like hidden gems with a personal touch and cozy atmosphere making them ideal for a relaxing, and yet adventurous vacation trip. Here is a list of ten breweries to check out while lazing around and looking for real, authentic adventure.

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  • Shannon Brewing Company: A microbrewery located in the Lone Star state situated just outside of the historic, western-styled city of Fort Worth. This brewery specializes in Irish and English style ales with some barrel-aged gems released from time to time. Although it may be a hundred degrees out, no worries with a wall of hops to help shade you and your brew.
  • Borderlands Brewing Company: Located in Tucson, Arizona with the perfect wild west, rustic-styled theme for John Wayne to randomly show up. This microbrewery is surrounded by desert land with brews ranging from light pear infused wheats to vanilla porters, these guys know how to keep you cool and refreshed during your summer getaway.
  • Hop Dogma Brewing Company: Set up in California in the coastal city of Half Moon Bay in a uniquely design, home-like taproom that is sure to help you kick back and relax. With a passion and love for all things hops this is hop head’s paradise, but don’t be alarmed as they also brew up an easy drinking lager, Belgian-style farmhouse ale, and a dark vanilla porter.  
  • Iron Goat Brewing Company: Climbing north to the great state of Washington in the east side city of Spokane lies this fascinating little gem with an industrial theme, and, well, goats. Brewing up a delicious blond ale, creamy goatmeal stout and several other captivating brews with a captivating view of the surrounding city to help you be tranquil while dreaming about goats.
  • Paradox Beer Company: If there were any better place to spend a relaxing summer vacation it would have to be here. Nestled over 9,000 feet up in the small mountain town of Divide, Colorado where they specialize in several barrel-aged sour and wild beers with an awesome pirate themed appearance featuring views of the famous Pikes Peak.
  • Piney River Brewing Company: Built in a barn located within the Ozarks that provides both comfort and relaxation. Piney River brews up some of Missouri’s finest brews including an easy going blonde ale, caramel rich amber ale, a crisp Mexican-style lager and more. Take it easy and sip by the river.
  • Ahnapee Brewery: This exotic little gem in Algoma, Wisconsin was built up inside a two-stall garage and features a hazy IPA, milk chocolate stout, toasted ale, and much more. If you climb north for the summer this is definitely one to check out and be ready to be amused and amazed by the creativity these guys have put into brewing beer.
  • Other Half Brewing Company: A cool little brewery located in the graffiti stricten side streets of Brooklyn, New York and provides a up close look at what the Brooklyn life is all about. Brewing up some tasty sours and IPA’s that will have you ready for more, but beware as the term “other half” is still something you tell your wife, especially with good beer in hand.
  • Tilted Barn Brewery: Another barn loving brewery on the list except in this case the barn is quite old and historic and the first farm brewery of Rhode Island. Hops seem to dominate their criteria with several IPA’s and double IPA’s being provided, but they also serve up an amazing coffee porter, toasty porter and several others.
  • Cocoa Beach Brewing Company: If you spend your vacation time at the beach, why not spend it at a brewery on the beach as well? This fascinating paragon is cozy and comfy with literally being built into a house situated beach side at the famous Cocoa Beach in Florida. They brew up a hopped up bitter ale, a classic brown ale with a nice hop addition, a smooth blonde ale and several others.  

-Michael Thacker

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