Stone Brewing Company Releases Their Politically Aimed I’m Peach Double IPA

The warm air typically makes you desire a thirst quencher that leans a bit on the sweeter side of things to help cool you off and refreshin. Stone Brewing Company has just recently released their all new I’m Peach Double IPA to help refreshin your senses during the upcoming hot summer days with a subtle juicy peach punch that is followed by a knockout citrus hop bitterness that is sure to keep you going all evening long.

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This peach inspired ale is not the only thing that conjured up some inspiration for the guys at Stone Brewing as they had a little help from the current political turmoil happening within the country today. The label states it all with an obvious aim at the current office holder Donald Trump and the desire to impeach and replace him. Although this double ale is politically inspired against the republican chair holder, the beer is for anyone and everyone regardless of political opinions.


A delicious, peach and hop packed ale that is currently available in 22 oz bottles, 12 oz 6 packs or on draft at the Stone Brewery, but drinkers beware! This intriguing master piece is not for the sensitive or “snowflake” as Trump puts it as the double IPA is upscale on ABV at 8.8% and will be sure to impeach onto the floor if too many are consumed in too little time. Besides that, go ahead and grab a pack and enjoy! Cheers!

-Michael Thacker

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