100 Mile Beer Fest 2018 Is Celebrating Local Craft Breweries In A Big Way

Craft beer is all about community and fellowship with other craft beer drinkers and enthusiasts at a local brewery that brews up prime, tasteful beers that really helps bring everyone together. This year’s 100 Mile Beer Fest is seeking to really put its focus on local craft breweries by hand selecting only 30 breweries out of more than 160, all within a 100 mile radius that includes a total of 5 different states. To really add to the idea of community and fellowship the beer fest is only allowing a total of 500 tickets to be sold.

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This event is not your typical beer fest as it seeks to really bring local brews and people together in a big, but bona fide way. Breweries set to attend include Fort Orange Brewing Company, Crossroads Brewing Company, Serious Brewing Company, Shmaltz Brewing Company, Hudson Brewing and many more. Local Vendors will also set up along with the breweries to sell authentic home-made goods.

Set up at Clifton Park Elks Lodge #2466, Ballston Lake, New York on July 7th from 4 pm to 8 pm. Tickets are on sale, but move fast as the limit is only 500 attendees and they will go fast. Buying the tickets not only gets you access to this awesome event, but 50% of the proceeds will go towards the Friends of  Clifton Park Open Space, so do a good deed and then drink some quality beer! Cheers!

-Michael Thacker

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