Adelbert’s Brewery’s Lemon Rye Ale Is A Summer Crushable Delight

What better way to spend the summer than with a refreshing, quality crafted beer that enhances the summer sun and aromas of fresh cut grass? Adelbert’s Brewery’s new Lemon Rye Mosaic Pale Ale is the answer to that question as its light color mimics the midday sun with a foamy head that sticks around long enough to dive your nose into with the initial sip, like diving into the community swimming pool with hopes that no one has yet to relief themselves in, and in this case you don’t have to worry about that.

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IMG_7436Aromas of lemon peel and fresh summer flowers come to your nose like a soothing blanket followed by some hints of tropical fruit and lightly toasted rye bread that makes you feel like you’ve already arrived in that dream island you’ve always wanted to go to. Each sip is a light and refreshing journey into a land of smooth citrus flavors with toasted notes and pineapple characters with a dry, crisp finish that keeps your palates coming back for more. Pair this lighter sided citrus dream with some lemon peppered grilled chicken to compliment and enhance the citrus characters or with some BBQ smothered steaks to contrast the citrus characters and bring out a load of different flavor combinations.

Adelbert’s Lemon Rye Mosaic Pale Ale is part of their Whimsical Series and can be purchased throughout the greater Texas state or at the brewery and comes in six packs or kegs for the party people who can’t seem to get enough. Adelbert’s Brewery is located at 2314 Rutland Drive, Suite #100, Austin, Texas 78758. Grab you a pack today and enjoy the summer in a splash of refreshing citrus. Cheers!

-Michael Thacker

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