Adelbert’s Brewery Trip Recap

Just on the outskirts of Austin, Texas is a hidden gem called Adelbert’s Brewery. Here is where Belgian-style brewties are brewed and bottled up for the savoring. Now, of course, like many other breweries throughout the nation they are seeking to not only provide quality Belgian-style beers to the great Austin area and beyond, but are expanding their horizon by brewing up several other flavors and styles including an American-style IPA and lager, fruit-filled sour ales and barrel-aged delights that are aged for several months in their gorgeous taproom.

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During the visit I got the honor of witnessing their brewing and bottling process with a pleasantly intoxicating aroma of malts and hops swirling throughout the air, creating a state of serenity. Each brew was set in the mash tun and then transferred to the boil kettle followed by a nice fermentation process ranging from 2 or 3 weeks for ales and 4 to 5 weeks for lagers.

The bottling system was quite unique and intrigued me as I have yet to witness a 750ml bottling system that included a corking and drying station. Each bottle passed through each process with ease and simplicity, all while coming to an end point where a label was placed on the quick dried bottle and push along a conveyor belt and gently placed in a corrugated box to be shipped to all the thirsty, craft beer loving people such as myself.

One of my favorite parts of the brewery, besides the awesome members that worked there and the delicious brews they produced, was definitely the taproom. Their taproom displayed a huge wall of neatly stacked barrels, all of which carried different styles and flavors of beers ready to be tapped into and savored. Another cool aspect was the different old school arcade games set up that were reminiscent of my childhood. They also had several sets of art work displayed on a cool wood wall with each work being locally crafted.

Their tap wall featured each of their available beers ranging from light to dark with varying strengths and characters. I got the chance to try a few of their brews including their Buzzbait Blonde that was easily drinkable and light with a pale malt forward flavor with notes of bananas and citrus hops. Another one was their Mango Wit that provided flavors of juicy mangos and orange with a smooth mouthfeel and a nice, light body.

Overall, the trip was amazing and will travel back the next chance I get. If you’re ever in the Austin, Texas area I would definitely hit these guys up and tell them The Craft Beer Voyager sent you, and they will hook you up with flavor and hospitality. The episode of The Craft Beer Voyager Show featuring this charming independent craft brewery is set to be uploaded to The Craft Beer Voyager Show YouTube channel by the end of the week, so stay tuned and stay refreshed! Remember to sip, savor and enjoy, cheers!

-Michael Thacker

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