The Rare Barrel Releases Their Bourbon Barrel-Aged Ensorcelled Sour Beer

When it comes to the art of sour beer, let’s face it, The Rare Barrel in Berkeley, California is one of the most dominant in the sour niche of beer brewing throughout the nation. Coming out each month with intriguing flavors and styles of sours that spend their better days in an array of different crafted wooden barrels situated throughout the brewery. Now they have went on to create something that is of pure gold and as memorizing as a cool, rushing waterfall on a hot day; their all new Bourbon Barrel-Aged Ensorcelled – a dark sour beer aged in bourbon barrels with raspberries.

Dark as night with a tan, fluffy head providing aromas and flavors of dark fruit and tart raspberries with notes of smooth dark chocolate and a touch of bourbon toffee and caramel rich characters. Drinks smooth with a nice rich quality that covers and lingers on the palates while finishing off with a unique mix of dry and slick. Full bodied with a nice moderate ABV of 8% and comes in big 750ml bottles for the taking. Enjoy this dark delicate with some cherry smoked steaks with a little spicy rub to enchance the dark characteristics of the beer while bringing out contrasting qualities.


The Ensorcelled is available now at the taproom or on their website where you become an ambassador and then order the beer where it will be shipped to your home. Get it while it last as this enthralling brewty won’t last long. You can visit The Rare Barrel Brewery at 940 Parker St., Berkeley, California, 94710. They are opened Thurday-Friday from 4pm to 10pm, Saturday from 1pm to 10pm and Sunday from 1pm to 8pm. Cheers!

-Michael Thacker

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