Ten Pilsners To Try This Fourth of July 2018

The fourth is a time of celebration, the celebration of freedom from the ol’ Brits that kept us down for so long. It’s a time of reflection, a time for BBQ and a time for some good, cool and crisp beer. What beer one chooses to consume on the “hotter than hell” celebratory day is very crucial as it can determine whether or not the day will be a day to remember or a day you would rather forget. Here is a list of ten quality crafted pilsners that are brewed up throughout the great US of A.

  1. Shannon Brewing Company-Pussy Willow Pilsner: This crisp lager is as crafty as its name with a light, pale malt forward flavor providing a bit of balanced sweetness with a nice citrus hop flavor packing a low to moderate bitterness that finishes off clean and dry. Perfect Pils for the land of Hell…I mean Keller, Texas where the brewery resides. Keeps you cool and refreshed while remaining light in body to help you stay light while flipping those burgers. ABV: 5.9%
  2. Independence Brewing Company-Native Texan Pilsner: Another Texas brewty added on the list of finely crafted pilsners with this one hailing from the capital region of Austin. But no need to fear as you do not actually have to be a Native Texan to consumer. As clean as a whistle with notes of fresh baked bread and banana followed by a slight hit of hop citrus characters and a low bitterness profile that keeps you as refreshed and relaxed as a summer evening rain shower. ABV: 5%
  3. Great Raft Brewing Company-Southern Drawl Pilsner: Situated right next to the big state of Texas is the Great Raft Brewing Company in Shreveport, Louisiana. Although Louisiana is a bit behind in the craft beer market, Great Raft Brewing is not. Their pilsner is double dry hopped providing a unique balance between pale malt flavors and its slightly sweet character with the citrus and herbal quality of the hops with a moderate bitterness profile that leads to a crisp ending while you reach for another one. ABV: 5%
  4. New England Brewing Company-Elm City Pilsner: Set up in the cooler summertime spot of Woodbridge, Connecticut is the New England Brewery where they have brewed up a German-styled pilsner that present flavors of lemons, pale malts, and a hint of caramel sweetness. There is a nice, subtle hop bitterness profile that follows and leaves off you feeling hoppy and fresh as you hangout by the pool watching fireworks while burning the burgers. ABV: 5%
  5. Bell’s Brewery-Lager Of The Lakes Pilsner: Sounding a bit like some title to a lame horror film is the Lager Of The Lakes Bohemian-Styled Pilsner being brewed up Comstock, Michigan. Although the name has the horror film ring to it, the taste is much more soothing as it drinks light bringing with it flavors reminiscence that of a bowl of freshly poured Cheerios followed by a herbal hop kick that finishes off crisp and dry as you jump into the local lake and watch fireworks, and wait eagerly for the “lady of the lake” to appear. ABV: 5%
  6. Summit Brewing Company-Dakota Soul Pilsner: Moving over a couple states to the beautiful state of Minnesota is the Summit Brewery located in Saint Paul. Their Dakota Soul Czech-Styled Pilsner gives you character of slightly toasted homemade biscuits with a balancing touch of spicy hops and honey sweetness leading to a pleasantly, smooth finish that will have you singing the National Anthem with heart as the kids pop fire works and grandpa accidentally sets the front lawn on fire. ABV: 4.8%
  7. Port City Brewing Company-Downright Pilsner: Heading back towards the east coast, situated in Alexandria, Virginia is the Port City Brewery that produces a fantastic Bohemian-style pilsner. This lager is crisp and clean with a light toasty character with a bit of caramel sweetness following up with a touch of citrus and spicy hop bitterness that finished off lean and clean that will have you revived and ready for some more flippin, burger man. ABV: 4.8%
  8. Elevation Beer Company-Elevation Pilsner: Sipping our way over to the Rockies is the “way up high” Elevation Beer Company nestled up in Poncha Springs, Colorado. Their Elevation Pilnser may not come with the most thought up name, but the refreshing flavors of pale malts, honey sweetness and herbal hops will have you forgetting the straight forward name as you reach for another can. The finish is low on the bitterness scale making it a smooth exit while maintaining a delightfully crisp sensation. ABV: 5%
  9. Karl Strauss Brewing Company-Follow The Sun Pilsner: The east coast isn’t the only party goers when it comes to Fourth of July as the people of California have shown their appreciate and celebration in a fashionable way. Hailing from Carlsbad is the Follow The Sun Pilsner that leads you straight to pilsner paradise with light golden hue that presents characters of citrus hops and lightly toasted bread with a honey glaze ending off with a crisp snap that keeps you chill and feelin’ the vibes, man. ABV: 4.8%
  10. Kulshan Brewing Company-Pilsner: Pouring our way north to the amazing state of Washington lies the Kulshan Brewing Company and their German-Styled Pilsner. No clever name needed to describe the deliciously fine brewty as it provides a light malt touch with a spicy and herbal hop backbone that leaves behind a pleasant bitterness profile and a crisp, clean ending that is sure to keep you going during you Fourth of July celebration. ABV: 5.2%

Happy Fourth of July! Cheers!

-Michael Thacker

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