Five Texas Craft Beers To Try This Cinco De Mayo

Once again the aromas of tacos, spicy peppers and beans have entered the scene full fledged with family and friends gathering around for a day of fun in the sun. Texas is known for having some of the best Cinco De Mayo celebrations happening throughout the state, and each year the events only seem to get bigger and better. Although most of my friends tend to lean more toward the traditional Mexican beers like Dos Equis and Corona, I like to keep my beer crafty and full of flavor. For this reason I have conjured up a list of five different craft beers that have a Mexican spin on them to try instead of the other stuff (God bless them all).

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  • 903 Brewers Cerveza Por Favor- This deliciously light lager is perfect for the warm and sunny Cinco De Mayo goers with only 4% ABV and lightly hopped providing a nice light citrus flavor with a balanced bitterness and malt profile. This Mexican styled lager is sure to refresh as well as enhance your mind and body throughout the eventful day.


  • Deep Ellum Brewing Neato Bandito- Stepping up in the ABV level at 6% this Imperial Mexican styled lager is sure to get you loose for plenty of dancing, but beware as you continue on your dancing may become an embarrassment.  Light and crisp with plenty of malt biscuit type flavors swirling around with a touch of citrus hops to help keep everything in perspective (Except your dancing).


  • Rahr and Sons Brewing Paleta De Mango- If anywhere in North Texas knows about Mexican it is Fort Worth. This Mexican inspired ale is straight out of the downtown area with plenty of mango, lime and tropical fruit notes that provide a refreshing juicy experience that is ideal for enhancing your Mexican food pairing options and it is also right in the middle of ABV level of 5%, so not too low to sweat out, but not too bold to knock you out.


  • Oskar Blues Brewing Beerito- Supposing someone came up with this one while sipping on too many cervezas while craving burritos, but the outcome was quite favorable to say the least. A Mexican inspired amber lager with a sessionable drink-ability at 4.5% ABV and a nice creamy mouthfeel that provides flavors of toasted bread, honey sweetness, dark fruits and bits of cocoa, and is sure to pair well with an actual burrito.


  • Blackwater Draw Brewing Border Town- A Mexican style vienna lager with plenty of rich malts that give a sweet caramel and toasted notes with a touch of hop bitterness that provides balance and a crisp finish. A good overall ABV level of 5.5% that keeps you somewhat grounded and can yet slap you harder than the pretty Mexican lady you just tried making a move on while dancing like a fool.


-Michael Thacker



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Prairie Artisan Ale’s Prison Rodeo Bring Both Citrus Hops And Coffee Together In Harmony

Prison Rodeo; a hopped up intriguing coffee ale by Prairie Artisan Ale. Aromas of citrus hops and orange blossoms with freshly ground coffee beans following along as well as hints of hazelnut. The beer is quite intriguing as it is not like your typical coffee brew with a darker tint, but rather provides a lighter color with a unsettled haze lingering about. Each sip presents strong hop bitterness with a citrus zesty flavor and medium coffee roast notes with a slight honey like sweetness showing up, and a bold alcohol warmth finish. Overall a delicious beer, but beware as the ABV level is set at a high 9.5% and a few too many can land you in a prison rodeo. Cheers!

-Michael Thacker

Newly Released Sip-N-Go Pilsner By Wild Acre Brewing Is A Texas Spring Time Delight

The fresh spring air with temperatures settling nicely in the mid-70’s makes for the perfect grilling weather along with a crisp brew in hand. Just in time and making a splash in the Dallas/Fort Worth scene is the brand new release from Wild Acre Brewing; Sip-N-Go German-Style Pils.


With floral hop aromas with a slight citrus kick and spicy notes balanced by a bit of honey sweetness and a moderate malt backbone is exactly what helps lighten the mood during these green, sunny days. This brew would pair great with some grilled up barbecue burgers or German-styled brawts.

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You can a grab a six pack at your local bottle shop or grocery store throughout the greater North Texas area. Sip, savor and enjoy! Cheers and God bless!

-Michael Thacker

Shannon Brewing Company’s Newly Released Pilsner Is Must Have For The Warm Texas Spring Days Ahead

Released a little over a week ago and just in time for those warm spring days is Shannon Brewing Company’s Pussy Willow Pilsner. A light bodied lager that features aromas of floral hops and lemon peel with hints of honey and dill pickle. Each sip provides a smooth sweet beginning reminiscent of honey nut cheerios with a touch of citrus tang and a dry herbal and black pepper finish.

Perfect for warm spring days by the grill with friends and family. Goes well with some mesquite grilled chicken and a baked potato and for a sweet kick go for a complimented dish like some banana pudding.

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These beauties can be found at your favorite pubs and bottle shops throughout the greater DFW metroplex and other surrounding locations. Pick up a six pack today and sip and savor. Cheers and God bless!

-Michael Thacker

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Dogfish Head Brewery Set To Release 120 Minute IPA 2018 Edition This Saturday, March 30th

It’s that time again where the green grows bright and the warmer air climbs which brings out the hoppy spring brews, and what better way to celebrate than with the mothership of all hop-filled beers? This Saturday, March 30th marks the release party of Dogfish Heads 120 Minute IPA 2018 Edition with sampling from prior years including 15′, 16′ and 17′ at their brewery in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware. For those that live a bit out from that location, hang on tight, because it will be only a couple short weeks and you will be able to get your hands on some of this hop loaded bomber at your local bottle shop and pub.

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Remember to sip and savor this beast with care as it stands stout at 18% ABV and a hop bitterness rate of 120, enough to make you pucker up and make you feel alive. On the other side, this brew features flavors and aromas of citrus and floral hops, orange peel, caramel, honey and pine needles. Cheers and God bless!

-Michael Thacker


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